gennaio 17, 2018


A.        Preamble

The Gaminger Initiative is a regional, middle European platform, focussed on important issues of European Security Policy and military affairs. It is a mutual platform for Reserve-Officer- and Officers Associations of its member countries. The Gaminger Initiative operates independently from other national- or multinational organisations.

Main emphasis is the role of reservists in an environment of more and more professionalised defence force structures and the role of armed forces in Europe as part of international security policy bodies such as EU, NATO, UN and others.

The Gaminger Initiative liaises between armed forces and civil society.

B.        Members

The associations of the following nations are representing their countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Members are national military associations. All activities of such an association shall be recognised by the National Government or its Ministry of Defence.

Delegations can consist of Reserve Officers, Militia Officers and/or professional officers. The only condition is a membership in a national officers- or reservist organisation.

Applications for admissions of new members are proposed to the presidency. Decisions on the admissions are taken by the council at an official meeting. The admission requires a three-quarters majority of the members on the council present and voting.

C.        Organisation

1. Organs

Organs of the Gaminger Initiative are the presidency and the council.

2. Presidency

Members of the presidency are the president, the vice-president and the past-president. The vice-president shall be the incoming president.

The period of office of the presidency is two years and rotates among the member countries.

The acting presidency assures the proposition of the incoming presidency to the council.

3. Council

The presidency and the heads of delegations of the member countries represent the council with full voting rights.

4. Secretariat

The acting president can nominate a Secretary or “aide-de-camp” (S1) for his period of office to the Gaminger Initiative to support his activities. The president is responsible for the draw up of the minutes of the meetings.

5. Miscellaneous

As general rule, two meetings are held, the so-called GAMING I spring meeting serves as workshop and for the presentations of the countries reports and the so-called GAMING II autumn meeting is a visit of the defence structure of a member country consisting of presentations of political planning in security policy, defence and reserve affairs and the visit of a military training facility.

Working language is English.

It is the role of the presidency to select a yearly key focus subject to be dealt with in the workshops.

Former Presidents will be allocated the status of honorary guest. They shall be invited by the presidency to all meetings and may attend without voting right.

D.        Foreign relations

1. General

The Gaminger Initiative can exchange information and share common interests with other associations and organisations with similar fields of activities in the geographical neighbourhood.


The Gaminger Initiative is an independent organisation. Member Associations can be member of CIOR or any other multinational officers or reserve force organisation.

The relation between the Gaminger Initiative and CIOR is ruled out in the Memorandum of Understanding, established on February 8th, 2002.

E.        Financial Regulation

The Gaminger Initiative is a non profit organisation and shall be self-sustaining.

All expenses are covered by the registration fee of the meetings and voluntary contributions of members.

F.       Concluding Remark

This constitution approved by the presidency and the assembly of the head of delegations of its member associations (Council) at the Meeting of May 12th, 2012, in Gaming/Austria, enters into force with immediate effect and shall replace all previous versions.