gennaio 17, 2018

History of Presentation

Working Papers

Since 2015 the Gaming Initiative is working on one topic during the year. The first workingpaper is now issued.

Cyberterrorism GI 2015

Presentations of the last meetings:

The documents listed here are freely available. If you require further information, please contact us. We will forward your inquiry to the relevant country or company officer. The following are the most discussed and reviewed in the presented topics from previous events overview:


GAMING II MEETING – Prague, Czech Republic

Main Theme: “Potential contributions by national reserve forces to enhancing military cooperation within European Unions”

GAMING I MEETING – Chianciano Terme, Italy

“In which manner the Gaminger Initiative member countries are eventually organizing /
reorganizing their reserve forces to deal with new security challenges“


Alpine brigade “JULIA”, history and present international role multinational land force, operation Clever Ferret multinational cimic group

Swiss Mission abroad, operations World Economic Forum, Experience CIMIC SwissInt, briefing


Security of the Czech Republik
20 years of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
Czech Armed Forces today
The Union of Officers and Warrant officers of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
Illegal migration in Poland and subsequent epidemiological threats
Transformation of the Polish armed forces


The Balkan – geopolitical situation
The Balkan society today
The Balkan – military point of view

Croatian National Security Strategy
Transformation of the Croatian Armed Forces
Croation Navy – organisation and tasks – The role of Coast Guard within Navy
CAF (Croatian Armed Forces) in mission ISAF
Italy’s health situation – influence of Northafrican migration

before 2011:
Struktur und Aufgaben Ter Reg 3 (2010)
Schweizer Armee (2010)
G Bat 9 (2010)
Zivil-Militärische-Zusammenarbeit (2010)
Schweizer Sicherheitspolitik (2010)
Die Schwizerische Offiziersgesellschaft (2010)
Das Schweizer Milizsystem (2010)
Geschichtlicher Ueberblick über das NIZZA Kavallerieregiment Pinerolo (2010)
Die italienische Organisation UNUCI (2010)
Geschichte des 3. Alpinistenregimentes (2010)
ISAF – ITALY in Afghanistan (2010)
Medizinische Leistungen im italienischen Heer (2010)

Stand Transformation der Bundeswehr (2009)
Struktur und Aufgaben der Gebirgsjägerbrigade 23 (2009)
Die Rolle der Reservisten in der Bundeswehr (2009)
Zu den Sicherheitsinteressen Deutschlands (2009)
Die neue NATO mit Frankreich (2009)
Europäische Sicherheitspolitik (2009)
EU Militärstruktur (2009)
Europäische Armee? Pro (2009)
Europäische Armee? Contra (2009)
Miliz gleich Professionalität (2009)
Tschad Mission (2009)
Energiesicherheit (2009)

Croatian National Security Stretegy (2007)
Croatian Armend Forces SDR & LTDP (2007)
Croatian Navy – Today and tommorow (2007)
Transformation of the CAF and Adaption to SDR (2007)
ZMZ – Eine Herausforderung für die Streitkräfte, die Reserve und die Wirtschaft (2007)
Civil-military relations in Slovenia (2008)
Defense policy in Slovenia (2008)
Slovenian Armed Forces (2008)
M3Syst Compact mobiles modulares Monitoring System (2008)
Die Aufgaben der ungarischen Streitkräfte im 21. Jahrhundert (2006)
Die Sicherheitspolitik Ungarns als NATO und EU-Mitglied (2006)
Risks to our National Security (2006)
Ein unabhängiges Kosovo? Die Sicht der Akteure (2006)
Cyberterrorism: the electronic Achilles’ heel of our contemporary societies (2008)
Zukunft der Reserven in den Kernstaaten der NATO (2008)
Mandatory or voluntary reserve in Slovenia: How in future? (2008)
The Slovenian journey from voluntary to mandatory recruitment of the reserve and back (2008)