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MoU CIOR and Gaming Initiative

1.     This Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) describes the relationship and channels of communication between CIOR and GAMING INITIATIVE.
2.   It is the purpose of the MOU to increase co operation between on one side CIOR and an the other side GAMING INITIATIVE.
3.     CIOR is an independent, non political confederation consisting of Reserve Officers Associations (ROA’s) of the Signatory Countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). In addition, a number of nations, which are not members of NATO, has been accepted as associate members, observers, guests and visitors of CIOR.
4.     The relationship between NATO and CIOR is described in MC 248/1 (Final) of 20 June 1997   The Relationship between NATO and the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officiers (CIOR).
5.     GAMING INITIATIVE is an independent association/working body consisting of the Reserve Officers Associations of Austria, the Czeck Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland*.
6.     To a large extent CIOR and GAMING INITIATIVE share common objectives and goals, e.g. in the cooperation with NATO, especially with respect to the PfP initiative, and in securing the quality and the quantity of reserve forces in compliance with national and NATO Policy on reserve forces   the latter described in MC 441 (Military Decision) of 30 April 1999   “NATO Framework Policy on Reserves”.
7.    The Parties mutually recognizes each other as important voices on reserve matters within the different personal categories of reservists within NATO.
8.     Accordingly, the Parties mutually agree to keep a continuous close cooperation, such as:
a.      Inform each other on a regular basis on the general work of each Party.
b.     Inform each other on a regular basis on issues of specific importance to the work of each Party, especially on matters regarding the recruitment, education, training and use of reservists in NATO.
c.     Assist each other on issues of specific importance to the work of one Party, e.g. provide specific information on the matter in question etc.
d.     Consult with each other on issues of significant importance to the work of each Party when feasible, beneficial or desirable, especially on matters where CIOR and GAMING INITIATIVE have a strong common interest on the matter and/or where a combined effort from CIOR and GAMING INITIATIVE may be beneficial for the matter in mention.
9.     In keeping the close cooperation as described in  above the Parties mutually agree to invite the other Party as visitor, guest or observer to the regular meetings of the Party, such as for CIOR:
a.      the annual CIOR Mid Winter Meeting in Brussels in February each year, and
b.     the annual CIOR Summer Congress in July/August each year, and to let the representative(s) of the Party participate in each meeting, the representative(s) desires, unless special circumstances require otherwise.
10.  Invitations
a.      The invitations to the regular meetings of one Party should be given to the other Party through official channels of communication of the Party.
b.     The other information between the Parties should be exchanged either through the official channels of communications of the Parties or on a more informal basis as specifically agreed directly between the governing bodies of each party, such as for CIOR the current CIOR Presidency.
Brussels, February 2002:
For and on behalf of CIOR:                                                                     For and on behalf of GAMING INITIATIVE:
Karsten ThuenLtCol R, Danish ArmyCIOR President 2000 2002    Dr. Volker ZimmermannCol

* Members of Gaming Initiative are also Croatia and Italy